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Pentagram Canldes

Prices Subject to change without notice

Pentagram Candles in Astral / Zodiac Colors 

So too in magic, color is of primary importance. Each sun sign is assigned ruling colors. When doing candle magic, you should use the “astral” colors of the person for which you are doing the spell to properly direct your spells. Our handmade candles are made at the right times most beneficial to its uses.


Aries: White & Pink or White & Red

Taurus: Pink & Green or Green & Brown

Gemini: Red & Blue or Yellow & Blue

Cancer: Blue & White or White & Brown

Leo: Orange & Red or Red & Green

Virgo: Yellow & Green or Yellow & Black

Libra: Blue & Black or Blue & Pink

Scorpio: Brown & Black or Red & Black

Sagittarius: Blue & Purple or White & Purple

Capricorn: Red & Brown or Red & Purple

Aquarius: Blue & Green or Gray & Blue

Pisces: White & Green or White & Lavender

In Solid Colors 

Available in White, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown, Gray, and Black.

Pentagram Candles in Combination Colors
with some suggested uses  


White & Yellow: Cleansing of your aura and protects self-confidence, excellent for performers.

Use with Aura Cleansing oil or Golden Unicorn for confidence and to be seen.

White & Pink:  Protecting the harmony and love of a relationship, anoint with love oil.

White & Lavender:  Safety in love and comfort. Spiritual tranquility, protection from bad vibes anoint with Protection Oil

White & Orange:  Blessing and harmony in the home, stops confusion, anoint with harmony oil.

White & Red: Protects your health and protects your lover anoint with Shango Oil

White & Purple:  Excellent meditation candle anoint with meditation oil

White & Blue:  Protection and peace in home anoint with Hathor Oil

White & Green:  Protection of money in investments, anoint with Has No Hanna Oil andplace in a bowl with Wealthy Way powder

White & Brown:  Protection of children, pets, and home anoint with Diana Oil

White & Grey:  Protection from unexpected events anoint with Clarity Oil on the White portion and Protection Oil on the grey

White & Black:  Jinx removing, removes nasty vibes. Burn black first anointed with Jinx Removing Oil.

Yellow & Pink:  My choice is wide open for love, good for teens Anoint with Cerridwyn Oil.

     Also Lover’s Candle when burned Pink to Yellow. Use Cupid’s Beloved Oil and Love


Yellow & Orange:  Attracting success, fast luck anoint with Sun Oil

Yellow & Red:  Attracting love use Magnetic oil

Yellow & Purple: Promotions, new endeavors

Yellow & Blue:  Achieving balance.

Yellow & Green:  Attracting success and money

Yellow & Brown: Renting or selling of a home, success

Yellow & Black: Banishing bad luck, removes blocks in your success and goals. Burn black first

Pink & Orange: Bring someone to me that is well suited to my present situation

Pink & Red:  Romance and lust in a relationship

Pink & Purple: Come to me power, desire me

Pink & Blue:  Peace and harmony

Pink & Green:  Attracting a mate with money

Pink & Brown:  Happiness and stability, find the perfect home

Pink & Black: Remove unwise relationships in love or money also, remove a rival from a love situation. Burn black first.

Orange & Red: Attracting a perfect mate, solar energy

Orange & Purple: Aids in studying, also power and strength, use when personal power is low.

Orange & Blue:  Happiness, harmony, peace and clarity. Burn Blue to Orange to bring tranquility of thoughts and to set goals.

Orange & Green:  Balance and expansion, fast luck

Orange & Brown:   Attracts harmony, business success, also use to find a house when in desperate need

Orange & Black:     Removing blocks in business success

Orange & Yellow:   Attracting success in the arts, music

Red & Purple:       Conquering difficult situation

Red & Blue:   Remove anger. Burning blue to red will break down obstacles.

Red & Green:   Powerful money boost for raises and promotions

Red & Brown:   Favor in legal matters

Red & Black:   Reversing negativity or evil to sender

Purple & Blue:   Prophetic Dreams, anoint candle with dream oil and wear Ishtar oil to remember your dreams.

Purple & Green:    Divine intervention, when all else fails to bring Money or Money solutions to you.

Purple & Brown:    “I deserve this”, “bring home to me…”, “it’s mine, in my hands, for me”

Purple & Black: Kali, Hecate, Lilith, Dark Goddesses.

Primarily a female tool to work what thou will during the waning of the moon.

Blue & Green:  Opens the way to all opportunities, to find and to gain

Blue & Brown:    Peace and security

Blue & Black:    Removing depression

Green & Brown:    Attract a good job, proper home

Green & Black:    Banishing poverty or money problems

Brown & Black:   Removed blocks when getting a home, burn black first.

Grey & Black:   To hide from…, ‘Hide me until I can fix this”

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