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Spell Jars differ from other spells in that they create a continuous flow of energy that emits your intentions for up to 9 months. A classic spell is worked for a period of time in which you would complete the spell and set your intended goal out into the cosmos or universe to manifest.  Spell Jars bathe you in the energy of your intentions. Everything needed to complete the jar is provided and includes step by step instructions with given charges and incantations to build the magickal intention of your goal. Charm, ingredients, and wax colors vary.  (Rejuvenation shown in picture)


Bring New Love

This is good for anyone wishing to change the course of old patterns and for anyone wishing to bring a new person into their life.



A spell to transform turmoil. It purifies negativity and lifts the spiritual vibrations resulting in a tranquil environment.



Anyone seeking to open creative channels and allowing inspiration and intuition to flow.  


Healing Environment

This jar aids in healing on all levels; spiritual, mental, emotional, physical.


Home Protection

As the name implies, sets a barrier of protection and increases the protective ward around your home.


Legal Favor

For legal situations that require time and patience. Drawn out processes can be daunting and sap your faith and energy. This spell assists in keeping you going, while working in your favor to get the verdict you desire.


Money Draw

This is best used when you need to have a steady flow of money. Excellent for those whose income tends to fluctuate.


Protect My Animal Companion

As implied by the name this is a protection for a pet, familiar, a feral or wild one who has created a bond with you.


Protect A Loved One

This aids in bringing added protection to anyone you love. Particularly good for elderly or children who are in the care of others. It may be kept with your or prepared and left with them.



Add an extra layer of protective energy wherever it is placed, such as the home, in the car, or at work.


Psychic Powers

Increase psychic gifts and build trust in your vision, messages, and intuition.



Harmonize and repair what life has stripped from you creating a steady flow of nourishing energy to balance your inner rhythms.


Relationship Repair

If every conversation leads to disappointment, discord, or disagreements and you need balance and positive energy to strengthen your relationship.


Self Love

To obtain inner peace and self-worth.



An excellent spell to create a steady flow of success. Exceptional in cases where there is jealousy, envy, or competition.  

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