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Used to wash floors, walls, doors, clothes, walkways, sidewalks, and any large surface where oils or powders would be too expensive to use. Highly concentrated dilute with water.

Aura Cleansing

To are constantly bombarded by negativity during time spent away from home. Add small amounts to your laundry, and favorite liquid bath soap to rid yourself of these hindrances.



You've placed yourself in a position with no way out. Banish the past and open the doors to the future of good fortune


Business Success *** $20.00

A special blend made particularly for business who's customers come to them.


Chinese Wash

Use this wash to make things occur quickly. Add a petition into the wash so that the words disappear in the bottle then wash your car, sidewalk, clothes, etc


Fast Luck 

When good luck is needed quickly.


Florida Water

Used in cleansing, healing, and protection rituals. Also used for beauty and youth. This is an all purpose water.


Four Thieves Vinegar

To repel thieves, or to reveal thieves in your life



Makes even the nicest home more joyful and loving.


Holy Water

Ritually blessed water, for purity, truth and good, use in white magic only.


Jinx Removing

To remove evil and bad vibrations from any premises (follow with Van Van to bring good luck.)


JTC (John the Conqueror)

Use this wash when you reach a point where every obstacle is in your way. JTC must come into play. Used in all difficult situations, court, landlord, all people in authoritative situations, etc.



To draw love and affection to you.


Money Draw

To bring money to you.



To restore harmony and contentment.



Bring a more prosperous life to your home and work. Bring money quickly and with ease.



To create an aura of protection for home or business.


Shi Shi

To draw customers into one's business.



For success in all endeavors.



To remove stubborn hexes, spells, and crossed conditions.


Van Van

For all around good fortune.



WaterWhen you have had enough with a neighbor, co-worker, boss, etc. and want to peacefully make them go away to a better place. They will leave by their own choice.

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