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Abra Melin

Communication with spirits, controls higher and lower entities


Wear to bring out the positive qualities of air and correct an imbalance of lack of that element which causes the inability to see where problems lie in your life, being burdened by involvement that are detrimental to you and unable to adjust to changes.


A gambling oil to wear when placing bets and lotteries.


Use on your altar and your altar candles to lift vibrations to a higher spiritual level.


Turn a shy person into a more aggressive, seductive one.


Egyptian god who opened the road to other works. Wear to keep yourself free from corruption and those who are corrupt.


Arouses desires in others, very seductive one.


Greek Goddess of Love, natural healing, rules time, fate and sexual mysticism, protection in childbirth.


Greek god of Light, harvester of worth’s, artisan’s helper, a master healer.

Arabian Nights

An attracting oil which excites, stimulates and entices others.


Amazonian Moon goddess, Protectress of all wild things, heroine of all oppressed women.

Astral Projection

Worn on forehead to help induce the necessary, trance-like state to accomplish astral travel.


Greek goddess of beauty, justice and protection.


To attract friends, give personal magnetism.


Aura  Cleansing

Use on body and yellow candles to clean aura of bad vibes, anger, fear, and other negative vibrations.


To remove bad vibrations, dark forces, dispel fear, evil spells and unwanted entities from any and all things and places.


Egyptian Cat Goddess, Goddess of Magic, protection and all supernatural talents.


Anoint a green candle to collect debts and obtain money that is much needed.

Bend Over

Rub on all doorknobs so all who enter will be inclined to you.


An enticing, beguiling fragrance, which will bind others to you with a bond of affection and love.

Black Arts

Used to cast hexes and curses.

Black Cat

Apply to all charms, seals, and talismans for luck. Also used to remove a rival from your relationship.


To purify and bless yourself or any objects.

Boss Fix

Rub on bosses chair or desk to make employer look upon you and your work with favor, excellent for promotions.


Wear and/or anoint a pink and red candle to get a marriage proposal.


The Celtic God of Wisdom, strength, power and male virility.


A Celtic Goddess of Springtime and rebirth.


A Greek Deity described as an old, wise centaur (also an asteroid now), a great teacher bestowing knowledge to those who seek. He exchanged his immortality for the sake of another and Zeus placed him among the stars in the constellation of Sagittarius.


A love oil that brings peace to unhappy relationships, calms jealousy and mistrust, use with a white and pink candle.


A lucky gambling oil when worn on the hands.


Rub it on all pulse points to excite passion in others

Come Back

Does as the name implies.

Come To Me

Anoint a pink candle, phone, and threshold, to make someone come to you.


Forces others to do your will.


Wear and anoint a green cat candle to coerce someone to do your bidding. Also, use for repayment of money.


Wear on forehead to intensify concentration for ritual work or school studies and exams. Also, wear to help you make the right decisions.


To give one faith in oneself to accomplish anything and the courage to make changes.


Use to confuse enemies by sprinkling in their path.


Wear and anoint your candles to attract friendly spirits, intensified if used with the Fifth Pentacle of the Sun.

Conjures Ghosts

Used with divination devices when working séances or clearings to bring about the resistant spirit. Use care and caution as this could mess with free will.

Conquering Glory

To gain power over others.


For cleansing and blessing all ritual tools, clothing and altar equipment.


Wear yourself or anoint another with this oil, when depressed, or when that comfortable feeling is missing in a relationship it will bring back that warm loving feeling.


Use when you want somebody to do something and you want them to understand why, brings peace of mind and is perfect for controlling wandering spouses and unruly children.


Wear on yourself and anoint a red and brown candle and a galangal root to be carried for favor in court.


Used on dolls or images for hexing an enemy or adversary.

Crowley Power

Aleister Crowley’s formula for an altar and anointing oil that controls and commands entities and adds power to any spell.

Cupid’s Beloved

Arouses feelings of love in the opposite sex and excites great passion and desire.


Placed on a petition only, to stop someone from harming you. Use Dragon’s Blood Ink.


Greek Mother Goddess, Protectress for Women, opens doorways to occult mysteries, gives wisdom and power to anyone who aligns themselves with her as her children. Excellent oil for those who wish to become pregnant.

Devil Trap

Rub on outside of doorknobs and windowsills of home to protect against evil, for personal protection anoint your pentagram with it.


Roman Goddess, Queen of Heaven, Protectress of animals and children, gives wisdom, beauty, courage, grace and power.


To be assured of correct answers while divining or scrying, anoint yourself and your medium (pendulum, tarot cards, crystal ball, magic mirror, etc…) Also, excellent on a candle.

Do as I Say

For self-control and confidence, also makes others bend to your will.


To force others to do your will, anoint a picture or doll with this oil and burn a purple and red combination candle over it.

Dove’s Blood

Gives success in court and intensifies power of any love spell where (Dove’s Heart) there has been problems.

Dragon’s Blood

An uncrossing oil used in the most difficult cases, removes evil of all kinds while leaving a positive vibration. Also, use as a Power boost in any ritual, can only be used in positive magic.


Wear to attract good fortune to yourself, also to draw things, which you desire in life.


Anoint forehead before going to sleep to assure prophetic dreams and the ability to remember them.

Drive and Bind

To drive away opposition and bind unruly forces to your will, can be used for love spells and well as power.

Druid Altar

Altar oil for working with Celtic Deities. Adds power to an ritual or spell.


Wear to bring out positive qualities of earth and correct an imbalance or lack of that element which causes a feeling of not being grounded, or a great dependency on money, or a tendency to want to grow up, and/or lack of security.

Easy Life

Gives one all the blessings of life, health, abundance, great fortune, happiness and comfort in old age.

Egyptian Temple

Altar oil for working with all Egyptian deities, adds power to any ritual or spell.


Entices the elemental forces to give their aid and protection in any spell or ritual.


The use of this oil on the body builds a spell binding attractiveness and beauty for its user, alluring scent.


Celtic Horse Goddess, when used in rituals it gives protection, causes swift changes, changes bad luck to good and conquers enemies.


Stimulates men into giving you your way and granting your wishes.

Faery Blossom

To bring the child-like self out and into formation, wear daily on solar plexus.

Fast Luck

To bring fast positive luck even if you seem to be having bad luck, good luck in all undertakings.


Wear to bring out the positive aspects of life and to correct an imbalance in fire which causes lack of joy in living, lack of faith and optimism with a tendency to despondency. Lack of fire will also bring on the tendency to put on weight.

Fire of Love

Strengthens affections between two lovers whose passions have cooled or have become habitual.

Flame of  Desire

Wear to entrap a reluctant lover and to instill a spark onto a new relationship. It is said to be truly irresistible when one smell it bewitching aroma.

Flying Devil

Used with Run Devil Run incense to quickly remove hexes and crossed conditions.

Follow Me Boy

Used to attract the affection of many men at one time, perfect if you have nobody particular in mind.

Follow Me Girl

Used to attract the affection of many women at one time, perfect if you have nobody particular in mind.

Forget Her

Use to fade quickly the pain of loss and to fill the mind with hope for future affairs.

Forget Him

Use to fade quickly the pain of loss and to fill the mind with hope for future affairs.

Forget Me Not

When lover is going away wear this fragrance to help them remember you, keep your hair in the bottle, also keep a picture of the person anointed with the oil as well as any letters written to the loved one.

French Creole

Makes wishes and dreams come true, draws influential people to you to help in career advancement.


Teutonic-Germanic God of commerce and riches, in general; His seasons are spring and summer, but will grant abundance all year long. He is depicted with an erect phallus. Just as Frey was the most handsome of the gods, having authority over rain, sunshine and natural fruitfulness, so Freya was the most beautiful of the Goddesses.


Norse Goddess married to Odin. She rules beauty, destiny, fertilityand marriage. She also presides over the afterlife realm. Freya is considered the most beautiful of the Goddesses like her brother Frey is considered the most handsome. 

Golden Unicorn

Wear to bring forth your own unique talents and have them recognized by those in authority. Perfect for actors, models musicians.

Greek Temple

Aids power to ritual with using Greek Gods and Goddesses


Sometimes identified with King Arthur and Merlin. The embodiment of courage and the winning battle, pictured as a White Knight on a White Steed.


For the Pagan bonding of love, an anointing oil for those who are exchanging vows of love or reaffirming their vows of love.


To help achieve and hold happiness


Wear and anoint a pink and blue candle with it to restore harmony, peace, and balance to marriage, love affair, friendship, job, home, etc. …

Has No Hanna

Anoint purse or wallet to never be without money, also keeps a lover true to you by anointing a picture with it.


Dispels fatigue and tiredness, also as the name implies it is to be used in all healing rituals, it helps to restore vitality and vigor.


Greek goddess of the Waning Moon, gives secrets of Magic, takes negativity from you, gives power and the gift of prophecy.

Helping Hand

To receive spiritual blessings and aid from powers greater than yourself, excellent for healing yourself or a situation.


Used to cast hexes or curses on enemy.


Sacred oil for blessing and adding spiritual energy to anything you are doing, candles, oils, mojos, yourself, etc.

Holy Trinity

Special anointing oil for blessing and raising the spiritual vibration of altar tools and equipment, also use to anoint yourself for heightened success when using psalms and prayers.


Use when presenting your point of view, such as asking for a raise, borrowing money or in a court situation.

Inner Plane

For astral traveling, rituals for transversing the planes, also can be used with magic mirror and crystal balls.


This scent makes the wearer so attractive and alluring that it beguiles others into falling in love with you.


Babylonian Star Goddess, makes wearer sexually alluring and causes passionate responses in other.


Egyptian Mother Goddess, gives beauty, charm and sexual power, a spellbinding oil.


A secret formula used by women who wish to have their way with any man. Also used to make people give you money.

Jinx Removing

Rub on temples to remove a crossed condition and used on a black and white candle to remove the most stubborn hex or bad luck.


Wear when applying for a job; also anoint feet with oil to lead you to the right position.

Jockey Club

For gambling luck and for anointing charm bags for money and success

John the Conqueror

Wear to be the victor in any situation, aids in all endeavors


This essence brings out the best in the wearer, talents are increased, thoughts are optimistic, and you attract pleasure and happiness in life.


Extremely potent enticement worn as a perfume. Makes user alluring and bewitching. Also, use as a powder with protection oil.

Just Judge

Wear to court to have judge look favorably on your case.


Hindu Goddess of Nature, wear this scent to remove all blocks in your life.

King Midas

Roll up a dollar bill, put it in this oil, and anoint all money with it to ensure each dollar you spend comes back ten fold.

King of the Woods

Used by men as a sexual domination formula, wear on body and anoint on a red candle.

King Solomon

Anoint forehead to commune with the infinite and draw wisdom and power.


An ancient formula used for bringing power and success, also used as anointing oil during rituals for highlighted effectiveness, perfect for temple work and to balance the polarities.

Lady of the Lake

Celtic goddess, wear to heal the most impossible situation or illness.

La Flame

Women wear this seductive scent to ensnare an unwilling man.


A Hebrew deity of intense strength and power, wear affectively to seduce men, removes competition and obstacles that stand in the way of what you want.


To attract love to you and bring warmer affections between friends.

Love Oil #20

For women whose sexual preferences lean toward members of their own sex, this one is for you. A must for attracting that perfect love.

Luv Luv

Used to attract someone who is attracted to or involved with another. Use when YOU want to be the only one. Wear on body and or anoint a red cat candle.


Wear to turn your almost impossible objective into a reality. Also, use on a pendulum to insure correct answers and or on your body when you want someone to tell you the truth.


Dress lodestones and carry to attract favors from others. It is also excellent for gambling, luck, success spells, and rituals.


Does as the name implies, use as a perfume.


Goddess of the sea, as well as one of the few Goddess’ attributed to the sun, brings fertility and abundance also she will change your destiny if you honor her will.


Used in bath water to keep evil away, worn on body to attract friends, or on the feet to find the perfect job, use to master your own life.


Very strong, should only be used when meditating, praying, or doing psychic work.


To increase and improve your memory, rub on temples before studying or reading. Helps students pass tests.


Wear to give yourself this wisdom, power, and inventiveness of the Legendary Merlin of King Arthur’s Court.


Powerful love oil as well as worn to produce prophetic dreams. Can be used to punish someone who has harmed you.


The goddess of Victory, abundance, strength, and power. Use this magickal oil to invoke these qualities.


To anoint your mojo bags, it works like a power oil to amplify and project your wishes and desires, also anoint throat and speak out loud to make your wish come true.

Money Draw

Anoint wallet or purse with this oil to cause a constant flow of money to come to you. In addition, Anoint talismans or a seal and your moneybox once a week to keep it effectively charged.

Money Mist

Rub on wallet or money to attract quick money and to protect the money that you have. Use to anoint letters, leen applications, or any piece of mail that involves money or the receiving of cash.


A Celtic goddess of Fate, humbler of men, she will tame the most difficult man for you.


To cause troublesome neighbors to move, anoint their doorknobs or gateways with this oil.


Rubbed on the top of the head, this oil will change your appearance to suit your purpose, also anoint temples when scrying with magic mirrors or crystal balls to increase clairvoyance.


To bring victory to any love situation, blessings, bring beauty and charm to the wearer. Anoint a white and green candle with this oil to add truth and faith to any relationship.

New Orleans

Voodoo oil for attracting love, money, and good fortune. Excellent for a mojo bag anoint weekly.

New Life

If bothered by past failures, guilt, or regrets, where on temples. If home is burdened anoint and burn a blue candle.

Nine Powers

To invoke the Positive Powers of the nine major heavenly bodies. Sprinkle around home or business to overcome problems and bless with good fortune.


To remove any evil spells, anoint a red bag filled with angelica root and carry. It will work within 15 days. Anoint any bag daily.


Principal God of the Teutonic Peoples, Wednesday was named after him because he is the Storm God, he will protect from all the storms of life, granting victory to all who asks and brings great spiritual growth.

Oil #20

Used when going through a crisis, wear and use in bath water to receive remarkable improvement in a short amount of time.

Open Doors

Wear on your 3rd Eye to show you where to go when you are lost on life’s path.


Egyptian Savior God, wear to overcome all evil, extremely protective and guarantee success in all endeavors.


One of the oldest Greek gods attracts partners for lusty fun and frolic of a passionate and exotic nature.


Wear to bring tranquility to a troubled mind. Anoint and burn a blue candle to sooth anger and problems in the home.

Peaceful Home

Anoint front and back doors of your home to insure peace to all who enter. Burn a blue and brown candle anointed with this oil also.

Perfect Mate

Wear to attract the perfect mate to you. It will not affect suitors who are not looking for a serious relationship.


Queen of the Underworld and Goddess of Spring. Helps in forgetting lost love, overcoming situations of bondage, prophetic dreams, also for bringing in a new beginning and a fresh start.


To increase your own power and overcome someone’s power over you


Wear and anoint cash box to attract luck and success in business. Also used on a yellow and green candle for gambling luck, a blue and green candle for constant flow of cash, and a red and green for quick money.


Wear on neck and ankles to protect from evil. Also, anoint and keep burning a white candle until danger is past.

Protection from Thieves

Anoint all windows and doors every new moon to protect from thieves and robbers, also burn a white and red candle anoint with this oil.

Psychic Phenomenon

Used primarily with divination devices to bring about the knowing of intuition.

Psychic Power

To conquer an enemy who is using psychic warfare against you, anoint a red doll with this oil and tie hands of doll behind the back of the doll.


Worn as a perfume to arouse sensuous thoughts and sexual desires of an exotic nature.


An alluring scent which when worn makes men think of settling down with a wife or companion and makes them forget their freedom loving ways. Also, anoint a pink and red candle for a marriage proposal.

Queen of Sheba

Entices friends, bewitches lovers, and causes strangers to treat one with favor and congeniality.

Queen of Tibet

An exotic, tantalizing scent, which produces passion and helps one get the most out of life.

Rain Musk

Wear to bring new ideas into your life, also brings peace and understanding to problems in your life.


For sending evil spells and vibrations back to the sender, anoint a black and red candle with the words “Return to Sender” written on it and burn until finished. Also, wear when complete chaos seems to surround you to return your aura to one of prosperity.


A very powerful oil to be worn by healers, doctors, nurses, and counselors (or anyone who heals the problems of others) so that your aura stays clean while still feeling sympathy for those in need. Protects one from empathizing too strongly with others.

Road Opener

Particularly for career and money, new opportunities and possibilities will come about when worn or anointed on a candle that defines your purpose.


For men whose sexual preferences leans to members of their own sex, this one is for you A must for attracting that perfect love. Also, use on red candles and anoint a mojo bag filled with the herb Deer’s Tongue. Carry when out for the night. Also, use as cologne.


Wear this scent to turn ones thoughts towards fulfillment of your sexual fantasies.


Egyptian Lion goddess. Her name means “Powerful” once aligned with her, she will guard you and bring you success in any battle.


The Moon Goddess who pulls the full moon across the sky in her chariot, she lightens the mind of it’s problems, she eases broken hearts and she heals and soothes the aura.


Egyptian Scorpion goddess, Protectress of married couples and Goddess of Magic.


To get rid of someone, or to separate a couple, anoint black candles and sprinkle it around their house.

Seven Powers

Bring the help of the seven major planets and Archangels to your aid. Can be used for any positive goal.

Seventh Heaven

Use on body before a sexual encounter to bring about the most satisfaction and gratification.


Altar oil for working with all Native American deities, adds power to any ritual or spell.


Anoint a green and purple candle with this oil for financial gain, also anoint your money.

Shower of Gold

Use when money is needed in a hurry. Anoint coins, cash, and candles with it.

Siren Song

Worn by women to entice men to their desires, also draws many men at once.

Snake Oil

To assure the solution to a money problem anoint a green cat candle with the amount of money needed written on it. Place some money under the candle and burn candle over it.

Spanish Moss

When used on doorknobs, evil cannot enter the home, also used to free Earthbound spirits and send them home.

Special Dice

A MUST WEAR for gamblers, makes sure your win every time you play, wear as cologne, and also in the bath.

Special Favors

To get much needed help when things are truly desperate. Draws spirits to give you all your needs, desires, and wishes. Best when used with the Serpent Seal, or the Seal of Magic.

Spell Breaking

Removes difficult spells and hexes that someone has put on you. Also, protects against future spells if put into the bath water once a week.


Wear when working with the spirit or when you need to balance the four elements with the fifth. In addition, mediums, clairvoyants and readers, wear this oil while you are working. It heightens psychic abilities and brings benevolent spirits to your aid. (Also, burn Spirit Incense).

Spirit Guide

Used to contact your spirit guide and when working with higher beings from the other side.

Squint Drops

Put a few drops on lovers clothing to keep them from wondering.

St. Amador

When feeling stagnant or on the wrong path, anoint an orange candle or wear to open doors to new opportunities.

St. Anthony

Wear and/or anoint a St. Anthony candle to lead a peaceful, truly blessed life.

St. Joseph

Wear and/or anoint a St. Joseph candle for confidence and heavenly protection. Brings good work conditions also.

St. Jude

Saint of impossible cases; wear or anoint a St. Jude candle. Use in severe cases where all else has failed.

St. Michael

Wear and/or anoint a St. Michael candle for protection from harm. Conquers obstacles and gives psychic skills.

St. Peter

To overcome any problem in 24 hours, write the problem on the back of a Shemhamphoras Seal #2, and anoint with this oil. Place in a red bag and carry, then burn when the problem is solved. For best results do only one problem at a time.

Starry Wisdom

Keeps you out of trouble. Helps you make proper decisions and unravel the mysteries of the cosmos. Used in magickal ceremonies for guidance.

Stay At Home

Write name of person that you want to stay at home on parchment in Dragons Blood Ink. Put it in a bottle of oil along with hair or nail clippings. Anoint a pink and brown combo candle and sprinkle around so they must step in it and/or on doorknobs, and clothes.


Gives you the power and ability of Italian witch Strega, also causes anyone that gives you a problem, great remorse and regret for what they have done to you.


Wear as a perfume to insure that all undertakings in all areas of you life will thrive, flourish, and be fruitful. Also, use on gold and/or orange candles.

Super Q`

Same as “Q” oil but stronger, for sex and lust only.

Sure to Win

Rub on hands before undertaking any games of chance to sway Lady Luck in your direction.


Wear on person when giving readings with cards to help open psychic centers and improve clairvoyant abilities, also anoint your silk bag that you carry your cards in to help keep the vibrations clear and attuned.


A power oil of a high spiritual vibration, which draws in the positive qualities of the five points of the Pentagram, protection on all five levels.


Egyptian God of Medicine. The Sciences and All Higher Studies, and aid to any student who wishes to learn quickly and retain knowledge.


Nordic God of strength and power, wear on you to overcome all problems in life.


Turns gentle pussycats into aggressive beasts, used for love as well as in business.


To make someone tell you the truth, anoint a chair they will sit in and they MUST speak the truth. Also to know the truth in any situation, try dreaming true. Anoint a Seal of Truth and Peace under your pillow and go to sleep.


Removes all types of hexes, curses, and crossed conditions. Anoint and burn a white and black candle, and wear the oil on person.

Van Van

Anoint charms, seals, and talismans to increase their power. Also, use with any other positive purpose oil on a candle to amplify its potency.


Wear on person to aid in clairvoyance. You can also anoint Pendulums, crystal balls, and magic mirrors to increase their already charged power.


To destroy an enemy’s power write his or her name nine times on parchment with this oil and then burn it in the flame of a black candle and bury the ashes.


Wear to allow your will to take the place of what should logically happen, also controls negative emotion, use in combination with any other oil to increase the potency and aid power to get things done.


Wear to bring out the positive qualities of water. Correct an imbalance or lack of that element which causes psychological and emotional problems and in extreme cases makes one cold, aloof, and callous.

White Musk

Wear to attract that special someone to you. Very sensuous.


Will give you that extra strength to overcome a bad habit such as lose weight, stop drugs, etc.

Winners Circle

When good luck evades you, anoint a Seal of Spirit, and carry it in a red bag for quick help.


Anoint a purple candle and write, on parchment, what you wish. Then place it under the candle and concentrate. By the time the candle ignites the parchment, your wish will have come true.


Gives extra power and benefits, youthful thoughts and zest for life. Also the perfect thank you oil when problems are solved. Used to remove barriers in the waning moon.


Orisha Mother Goddess, giver of all life, rules women and all their affairs.

Planetary and Zodiacal

Oil bring out the most positive qualities of the sign and are available in the following scents:


Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.


Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

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