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Bath Salts

1 lb. - $10.00

1/2 lb. - $5.00

Prices Subject to change without notice


Creates vibrations of love and friendship.


Aura Cleansing

Rid yourself of bad vibrations, anger, fear, and other negativity.


Come to Me

Use to attract a potential lover.



Protectress of Women, she opens doorways to occult mysteries, gives wisdom and power to anyone who aligns themselves who her as her children. Excellent for those who wish to become pregnant.


Dragon’s Blood

Use in the bath to uncross from the most difficult cases. It will remove evil of all kind while leaving a positive vibration.



Bathe before working with Elemental beings. Helps to entice the aid and protection in any spell or ritual.


Frankincense & Myrrh

Calms and heals emotions.



Restores harmonious vibrations, bringing peace and balance.


Has No Hanna

Bathe in this to never be without money.



Just as the name implies, restores and aids in good health.


Jinx Removing

Soak in this to remove crossed conditions and stubborn hexes and bad luck.


John the Conqueror

Bathe in this before taking on any endeavor in which you need to succeed at. Brings victory to the situation.



As the name implies, restores the harmonious vibrations of love. In combination with Come to Me will attract the perfect mate.


Money Draw

Promotes a constant flow of money to come to you.


New Life

Soaking in this will dispelling emotions of past failures, guilt, or regrets



Use to ground excess energies and restore the harmonious vibrations of love. Combined with Sandalwood, this bath will promote sensuous and lustful desires.



As the name implies, this bath will restore peace into your life.



Soak in this before bedtime to promote Psychic Powers in dreams. Calms daily stresses, promoting self-love, and femininity.



Soaking in this bath will uplift spirituality and stimulate psychic centers. Combined with Patchouli, it promotes sensuous and lustful desires.



Just as the name implies, seduces the most timid of bidders.


Seven Powers

Bring the help of the seven major planets and archangels to your aid. Can be used for any positive goal.



Thrive, flourish, and be fruitful.



Induces feelings of love and lust.


Van Van

Amplifies the potency and powers of any other positive bath salt.


White Musk

This sensuous bath will attract that special someone to you.

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