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Abra Melin

Burn to aid in psychic development, a great advantage to all spells and rituals. Adds power and focus to your concentration.



Greek God of Beauty and Braun. Brings new life, transforms personality into self-love and appreciation.



As the name implies, used to bless and purify your altar.



Japanese Sun Goddess. Work with her when you want to bring someone out from a dark place, or to shed light on a dark situation. Anoint a Black and Yellow Candle with Sun oil and burn Her incense.



An Egyptian God who opened the road to other worlds for the dead. Burn to keep yourself free from corruption and conquer those who are corrupt.



An alluring sensual scent that causes sexual desire in anyone that comes in contact with its scent.



Greek Goddess of Love; Natural healing, rules time, fate, and sexual mysticism, protection in childbirth.



Greek god of the Light, also called The Apple Tree God. Brings talents to fruition, giving the full harvest of what you deserve. A great god of healing brining vitality to those who seek it.



Celtic Moon Goddess guides ones soul to knowing yourself and finding goals.



Greek Virgin goddess of the Hunt, Forests, and Pleasure; Her aspect is the Thrill of the Hunt. She is benevolent to those who honor her.


Astral Projection

Burn to set up a relaxing atmosphere that aids in trance work and astral travel. It is a very hypnotic, enticing scent.



Greek Goddess of Beauty; Justice and protection.



Draws power, luck, and money, so use it often and mix it with other incenses to increase their positive attributes.


Ava Luna

Moon Goddess. Burn this incense during the New Moon to bring in her energies of compassion, new life, joy and reverence.



Roman God of Wine, inhibitions, and fertility. Burn his incense to loosen tongues, bring an uninhibited atmosphere, or to raise a social environment.



To banish evil and unpleasant vibrations from home.



Egyptian Cat Headed Goddess of pleasure who also protects those who burn her scent during great battles.



Anoint a green candle with Bayberry oil, burn the incense, to collect debts, stolen property and money that is much needed.



Burn when reading the bible for a deeper understanding of the writings.


Black Arts

Burned during hexing and crossing rituals. Before using this, make sure you have tried all the more positive means of reconciliation. Remember your Karma.


Black Cat

Stops slander, breaks up unwanted love affairs, perfect for use with separation oil and black image candles. Also makes wishes come true.



As the name implies, burn to bring blessings into any room, situation, ritual, etc.



Celtic Goddess of Fertility, who blesses with learning skills and is the patron of women who wish to marry.

Celtic Circle

Evoke the supreme energy of the Tuatha De Danann or masterful power of Arthurian magic. Burn this powerful mixture to attract the Ancients of the tribes across Brittan, Ireland and Scotland to your sacred circle. Some Celtic Deity are Danu, Dagda, Brigit, Arawn, Lugh, Aine, Arianrhod and Morrigan


Brings forth the majestic power and wisdom of the Celtic Lords and Druids



The Celtic Springtime Goddess of rebirth. Burn to initiate new projects with success.



Burn to bring clarity into any situation. Aids in misunderstandings and muddled thoughts. Also used in conjunction with Mercury when studying a complex subject you have not yet grasped.



A lover’s incense to be burned to entrance a passionate atmosphere. Also, burn to keep the passion in a relationship.


Come to Me

Brings the object of your desire to you. Use with pink image candle.



Forces others to do your will and makes them behave as you would like.



Entices others to do your bidding.



To expand your mind in pure direction of your goal. Use with concentration Oil and a White candle.


Cone of Power

To aid in raising cone of power to focus, contain and direct pure potent power for rituals and spells, this is very effective.



Breaks hexes, curses, and confuses an enemies thoughts so that they cannot harm you.



Traditional blend for cleansing and blessing altar tools and working area.



Controls anything and anyone you wish to do your bidding, and has the ability to make them understand why.



Use when you are innocent with a White candle and Court Oil.



The Good God. Use when you need protection involving work. Also, burn to increase your magical power.



To banish Harm, fill a bowl with graveyard dust and place a red snake, head into the dirt, Pour the incense in a circle around the bowl.



Irish Earth Goddess, brings wealth and riches.



Greek Mother Goddess; Gives the lifeblood of power to her children, rules abundance and all the material blessings of life.



The Huntress. For today‘s aggressive, independent and ambitious women to focus desires and succeed in our competitive world.



Greek Olympian God of wine, festivity, and vegetation. Burn to bring prosperity into your life.



Used when doing any sort of readings whether tarot, pendulum, rune stones, psycometry or any other divination method, give accuracy and clear vision.


Do As I Say

Burn with a red candle and Do As I Say Oil, write their name on the candle and burn with an artifact from them.


Dove’s Blood

Primarily used when in need of direction. Write on parchment with Dove‘s Blood Ink what you want your love to do.


Dragon’s Blood

One of the most powerful incenses, foils any hex, destroys bad vibrations, while establishing exceptional good luck.



Burn for good fortune and to draw desires to your life.


Drive and Bind

Used for binding a love to you and driving away competition, whether in love, business, or relationships.

Druid Altar

Extremely potent. Ancient Druid formula, which gives one the magical wisdom of the Celtic Masters.


Easy Life

As the name implies, burn to ease your life and bring good things to you.


Egyptian Temple

Altar incense to burn when working with the Egyptian pantheon.



Opens new ideas, removes blocks, promotes memory, concentration and inventions.



Use potently to bring all the elements to your aid and command.


Elf Fire

To ignite and initiate swift movement when circumstances have stagnated and blocked your success.



Celtic Horse Goddess. Gives strength, power, and swift success to rituals and spells.



Use for compelling spells, also for beauty and luxury. African goddess of Love.



One of our favorites, a pungent scent used in high spiritual invocation for guidance, protection and aid.



To cleanse oneself, home, or business of evil influences.



Use to destroy misfortune and troubles imposed on you by others.


Eyes of Horus

For invoking the Egyptian Gods aid in all forms of magic and divination.


Faery Blossom

By the dust of these special beings, the Faeries will blossom your wishes into reality. Use in all Faery rituals and use as an offering when calling upon their aid.


Fast Luck

Burn for quick results with good luck is needed fast. Changes bad luck to good.


Fire of Azazel

Incense described in Dione Fortune‘s book, Moon Magic. Used to see into the future. Gives clairvoyance and clairaudience.


Fire of Love

Burn to increase passion between two lovers.  Excellent when used for relationships that have lost their zest.


Flame of Desire

As the name implies, increase sexual desires. Mix bodily fluid of the intended in with the incense to encourage lust.

Follow Me Boy

Burn when you wish to attract the attention of many men at once.  This is especially effective when you have nobody particular in mind.


Follow Me Girl

Burn when you wish to attract the attention of many women at once.  This is especially effective when you have nobody particular in mind.


Forest Rain

Use to clean spiritually, to make magick flow again. Use with a white/green pentagram candle and Rhiannon Oil


Forget Her

Burn to release the pain of loss and to fill the mid with hope for a brighter future


Forget Him

Burn to release the pain of loss and to fill the mid with hope for a brighter future



Teutonic God of Commerce and riches in general; His seasons are spring and summer, but will grant abundance all year long. He is depicted with an erect phallus. The most handsome of the Gods. Has authority over rain, sunshine, and natural fruitfulness.



Teutonic Moon Goddess; Most Beautiful of the goddesses



Greek Earth Mother Goddess. Burn to increase fertility of body, mind and spirit and to remove stagnation.



Hindu Moon God. Use for new life, prosperity, and growth of money. Also, burn to remove insurmountable obstacles.


Golden Aura

Cleans and purifies aura with an invigorating, up-lifting fragrance. Use daily to banish problems of the day. A must before rituals.


Golden Unicorn

You are unique and special. Everyone will see your talents and gifts above all others.


Greek Temple

Use on the altar when working with the Greek Pantheon. 



Use for banishing problems, especially addictions.



Just as the name implies, used in the sacred bonding of two souls in love for as long as love lasts.



As the name implies, burn this incense to bring happiness into your life.



Burn with an Orange and Blue Pentagram Candle anointed with Harmony Oil to bring harmony into all aspects of your life.


Has No Hanna

Keep someone true to you as all times. Use with Has No Hanna Oil on a purple candle.



The Egyptian Goddess equated with Aphrodite. She drives away evil, protects homes and children from harm. Protectress of women and the Goddess of Love and Joy.



Brings peace and vigor. Helps heal illness and remove pain.



The Goddess of magic. She is excellent to work with during the waning moon. Give to her, as a sacrifice, all your problems.


Helping Hand

Use in the face of insurmountable odds, when spiritual help is needed to remove danger, or change unhappy situations.



Olympian goddess used to remove rivals in a relationship with great force.



Opens communication, messenger of ideas and merchants.



Celtic Stag Horned God who gives great strength in battle especially to those who have been treated unjustly.



Use for home protection works will with abusive people in the family.



For hexing and cursing enemies, for quick results use with a black voodoo doll or a black image candle.


High Power

Use with any other incense to increase the power of it. Also, bless the environment and increase the potency of any spell or ritual.


Hindu Temple

A specially formulated recipe to evoke the positive qualities of Hindu deity and their ancient wisdom. Imbues your sacred space with the blessings of this pantheon.


Use to purify and bless sacred space. Burn before spiritual mediations to clear out any mundane energies and lift the vibrations.


Holy Trinity

Brings in the power of the Holy Trinity. Burn in your home when your live in fear to bring comfort to your life.


Horn of Plenty

Burn for great wealth and abundance.



Sumerian Mother Goddess. Burn Her incense to retrieve items that rightfully belong to you. Also, to choose between two mates, burn before bed to dream of the mate best suited for you.


Indian Bouquet

Place the name of an unfaithful lover under the incense burner when burning the incense and the wandering mate will stop their infidelity.


Burn during rites of initiation.


Inner Plane

Works on the psychic centers to open a passage to spiritual hallways of inner mind and other planes.



Babylonian goddess who gives voluptuousness and great love, rouses great passion in all who smell this fragrance.



For invoking the mystery, strength, and wisdom of the eternal Egyptian goddess of beauty, charm, and power.



Bun with money draw to get money out of people especially when it is owed to you. See oil for more uses.


Jinx Removing

Burn to prevent and remove jinxes and hexes even if self inflicted. Remember that sometimes we are our own worst enemy.



Burn this incense when you are seeking a new job. Run your resume through the smoke before sending out.


John the Conqueror

One of the very best to bring success and overcome any obstacle, also to be victorious in all dealings.



For power in magic, overcomes problems and answers all questions.


Just Judge

If you are guilty, Burn to bring about the most kind sentence that can be applied. Use a Red/Brown Pentagram Candle with Just Judge Oil.



For the drawing of power and working through the ten spheres of the tree of life. Excellent for path work.



Hindu Goddess of Nature; burn this scent to remove all blocks to your success.


King Midas

Burn to bring wealth and riches into your life.


King Solomon

To gain money, wisdom, and power. Like the famous wise King of all Hebrews.



Traditional incense for temple work form Ancient Egyptian formula.


Lady of the Lake

Celtic; burn to heal even the most impossible situations or illness.



Hindu Goddess of Beauty. Burn to bring abundance and blessings.


Dark seductress of magic; burn for sexual power, controlling a situation or person (men should never use this one – including gay men).



Attracts the love and affections of others. Burn this while using a pink candle anointed with love oil.


Love # 20

Also known as “Lesbian Love”; Woman for Woman to seduce, entice or attract a perfect mate. Use in combination with a Pink and Orange Candle and Love #20 Oil.



Sun God or God of Light, his name means light-bearer. He is recognized in Strega (Italian Witchcraft) and burned at the Winter Solstice to represent the birth of the Sun and the promise of warmth and light.


Magic Circle

For constructing and maintaining a strong circle of protection and power in any ritual work.



Goddess of the Sea, as well as one of the few Goddess‘s attributed to the Sun, brings fertility and abundance also she will change our destiny if you honor her will.



Burn to relax and achieve better results while meditating. Also, wear meditation oil.


Merlin the Magician

Wear to give yourself this wisdom, power and inventiveness of the Legendary Merlin of King Arthur‘s Court.


Burn to revere the Gods of Ancient Civilizations of North and South America such as Aztec, Incan, and Myan pantheons.

Mesopotamia Temple

Burn when working with the ancient Mesopotamian deity of the Akkadian, Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian pantheons. From the cradle of civilization, humans thrived five thousand years ago nurtured by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the lands of Sumer and Akkad flourished. Some Mesopotamian deities are Tiamat, Kingu, Ishtar, Enki, Ea, Apsu, Marduk, Gilgamesh, Anu, Inanna, Ereshkigal



The Goddess of Victory, abundance, strength, and power. Use this magical oil to invoke these qualities.


Money Draw

An old favorite to attract money quickly, use with money oil and a green candle.


Moon Goddess

Potent for all moon work and all rituals dealing with The Lady.



A Celtic goddess of fate, humbler of men, she well tame the most difficult man for you.



Greek God of Dreams, burn to invoke prophetic dreams and to enter others dreams. Great when burned while scrying.



Burn to change your appearance to others or while scrying in magic mirrors or crystal balls to increase clairvoyance.


Nam Kwai

Good luck and fortune in business success


Native Tribes

Bring yourself closer the spirits of the Earth and Sky. Nature and its supreme energies are honored when this mixture is burned. The smoke rises to carry your prayers and respect to the ears of these spirits and deity.



Use in ceremonies and / or conjurations of spirits and entities from the other side.


Goddess of Love and Wealth wear her oil to be seen with an air of prestige. Burn a Pink/Orange Candle anointed with Her Oil and burn Her Incense to bring about the qualities of wealth and sophistication.


Negative To Positive

As the name implies, change a bad situation to your advantage.



The Venus sphere of the tree of the tree of life, use for victory and also in love situations, over-coming love problems and gives aid in achieving the luxuries in life.


New Life

Use in conjunction with New Life Oil to release the past of failure, guilt, or regret.



Her name means unconquered, and is burned when you wish to be heard and to be victorious in situations of competition.



Irish God of healing, strategy, sorcery and poetry. Burn His incense when you wish to bring his energy to your work.



See Oshun



Principal god of the Teutonic Peoples, Wednesday was named after him because he is the Storm God. He will protect from all the storms of life, granting victory to all who ask, and he brings great spiritual growth.



Orisha Goddess of Lakes and Streams, removes jealousy between friends, brings peace between lovers and removes opposition from outside relationships, makes your love true to you.



Egyptian Savior God, wear to overcome all evil, extremely protective and guarantees success in all endeavors.



Orhisha Goddess who removes all opposites in life, works well with forgetting lost love



Invokes the fun and frolic of the Great God of Lust and High spirits. Causes anyone who comes in contact who its fragrance to be more free and uninhibited.



Excellent for past life regression work, meditation on past life, karma, and solving the karmatic problems of this life. Also, the learning of ancient knowledge.



Burn when letting go a deceased loved one. Use a White Candle anointed with Lily Oil.



Burn as a love offering. Creates desire in the object of your lust. In addition, it makes things that are about to happen, happen, such as a peaceful separation. See how it works both ways? Stay focused while using this one.




Stops strife and bad feelings, calms the environment and removes anger.


Peaceful Home

Burn with a White/Orange Pentagram candle anointed with Peaceful Home Oil to bring peace into your home.



Polynesian Goddess of creation, new beginnings, breaks through all oppositions.


Perfect Mate

Burn with an orange and red candle to attract a truly perfect mate.



This goddess will bring about a transformation in your life, removing doubts and fears, frees one from damaging relationships and gives prophetic dreams.



Olympian God of the Sea; Burned by both men and women to calm disputes and arguments in relationships.


Prophetic Dream

Burned before sleeping to remember dreams and to cause dreams to be prophetic, also helps to make your dreams come true.



Burn for material gain. Sets up a vibration of joy, peace, and happiness.


Protect from Thieves

Should be burned each new moon with white candle to protect your home, and valuables from being stolen.



Creates a wall of protection against danger and harm. Use with a white candle anointed with Protection Oil.


Psychic Phenomena

Brings the spirits to manifestation. Also, use to aid in all psychic work where manifestation is desired.



Protector and encourager of artisans, Egyptian god of wealth and importance; he is called the ―Master Builder‖.



Burn when you want to arouse your lover. Use in conjunction with Q Oil.

Quan Yin (Tibetan Temple)

Burn to purify and bless all endeavors.



Egyptian God of the Sun, whose name means ―Creator‖. He brings peace, joy, harmony and goodness to life while destroying the competition that may stand in your way.



To return to sender, evil spells, and bad vibrations, makes your environment clean.



Her name translates to Great or Divine Queen, she is a Fertility and Other-world Goddess; A very powerful oil to be worn by healers, doctors, nurses and counselors (or anyone who heals the problems of others) so that your aura stays clean while still feeling sympathy for those in need. Protects one from empathizing too strongly with others.


Run Devil Run

A powerful formula that can turn away all evil, hexes, and crossed conditions.



Perfect incense to burn at all major Sabbat celebrations and rituals.



Burn for good luck, to cleanse environment, and as an important offering to the Gods.



For men whose sexual preferences leans to members of their own sex, this one‘s for you! A must for attracting that perfect love. (see oil)



As the name implies, this sensual, lusty scent will turn one‘s thoughts toward the fulfillment of your sexual fantasies, also burn when you‘re with someone who is hesitant to take the plunge.



Lioness Goddess of the Egyptians. Her name means ―powerful‖. She will protect, guard and bring you success in home as well as in battle.



Burn when depressed, unhappy or confused to lighten the spirit and cause the mind to turn to pleasant anticipation of future successes.



Scorpion Goddess of Egyptian Mythology, Protectress of married couples and Goddess of Magic.



Used in particular to remove one from another who is detrimental in your life.



A violent Egyptian Deity, used to transform one into animals, and to cause harm to others, (use with great caution!).


Seven Powers

To bring the aid of the seven major planetary influences, for all your positive needs can be used for anything.



A traditional blend of American Indian Herbs, to burn for living in harmony and understanding with all living things.



Yoruba Fire God. Use this incense to give courage to any situation. He goes to battle for you in adverse situations.


Shi Shi

For financial aid, particularly effective in business, perfect for use with King Midas Oil.



Hindu God of Destruction, burn his incense to transform a negative situation to a positive outcome.


Siren Song

Women burn to entice and command the attention of men.


Special Favors

For those who need the antecedence of celestial beings for help with their needs. Use Special Favors Oil and a brown candle with brown sugar around the base.



Wear when working with the spirit or when you need to balance the four elements with the fifth, also mediums, clairvoyants and readers, keep this incense burning while you are working. It heightens psychic abilities and bring benevolent spirits to your aid.


Spirit Guide

Burn during meditations when wishing to communicate with your spirit guide. Use in conjunction with Spirit Guide Oil.


St. Amador

Burn to open the doors to opportunity and


St. Anthony

Burn to find anything lost and to unblock obstacles

St. Clair

Burn to protect from poverty or burn as an offering to her and the assistance she gives to those in need.


St. Expeditus

Expedites any situation. Use this incense when you have an emergency, need to cut through red tape or need a solution to a problem


St. Joseph

Burn for confidence and heavenly protection, also brings better work conditions.


St. Jude

Burn with a petition to St. Jude when in need of assistance in impossible cases. He will come to your aid.


St. Michael

A strong aid for success in any battle, gives great spiritual protection


St. Nicholas

When asking for special favors in times of need. Also used as an offering during the Winter Solstice for goodwill and generosity.



Altar incense to burn to increase your power and ability while working Italian Witchcraft. Also used to bring remorse to a person who has wronged you.



Burn with a bright yellow candle, anoint with the same oil for success in all ventures and the solving of all problems.

Super Q

An entrancing, seductive incense for lust and sex. Extremely otent for Gay and Lesbian relations.


Sure To Win

Run Lotto tickets and money through the smoke and burn before undertaking any game of chance.



Burn when doing card reading‘s it will put one in a meditative state of mind, this will also enhance the accuracy of your readings.


A potent protective incense for your home, valuables, children, and animals when you cannot be there to guard them yourself.


Temple Blend

A traditional blend of temple incense used by temples, churches, and places of worship.


Temple of the Middle East

This potent formula give power of the Hittites, Phoenicians, Persians, Canaanites, Zoroastrians, Philistines, Syrians and the Ancient Ones of the biblical lands of the Old Testament. From here derived the three major monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam The latest popular Middle-Eastern deities some of these deity are:Yahweh, Jehovah, Ahura-Mazda, Baal, Allah, Astarte, Inara, Ashur, and Ashtoreth



A power of incense of a high spiritual nature, which draws in the positive qualities of the five points of the pentagram, thus, protection on all levels.



Viking God of Thunder. Burn to invoke his power and strength.



An Egyptian god of Medicine, Science, and all Higher Studies, and excellent aid for all students who wish to learn and retain knowledge at a rapid pace.



Burned when you wish to invoke the magick of the faery



As the name implies, burn to learn the truth or to get someone else to tell the truth.


Van Van

Increase the power of charms, seals, and talismans. Use in conjunction with other incenses to increase potency.



The Most Beautiful of Roman Divinities, her symbol is a flame, she is the Goddess of the Hearth and Home, Protectress of women in their childbearing years.



A powerful planetary incense used to invoke the powers of fire. Burn to bring strength to a battle.


Wealthy Way

As the name implies, burn to increase the life your are accustomed to living through wealth


Wedding Bells

Burn with the astral candle of the person you wish to give you a proposal.


White Musk

A very sensuous incense. Burn to attract that special someone for you.


Wisdom of Illumination

Opens all the chakras to achieve the height of potency in all ritual work.


Burn with a light blue and purple candle to fulfill desires and make wishes come true.


Wolf’s Blood

Find a way out of harms way by courage. Use with a Red/Purple Candle and John the Conqueror Oil.



Burn when evoking the powers of Yemaya, the Yoruba Ocean Goddess



Burn when evoking the Wisdom of the Greek God Zeus.



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