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Aura Cleansing

Spray on the body after bath or shower to help protect your aura or mist throughout the day to remove negative vibrations you may have picked up. Excellent for people who work with the public. Keep a bottle at work to clear the atmosphere when tension arises.



Spray this in your home to remove negativity or to banish energies left after an argument. Spray the child’s room if nightmares occur often.


Dragon’s Blood

Spray yourself before ritual. You may spray the body or home any time you need to remove crossed conditions.

Fast Luck

Wear this spray daily to bring fast luck. If you have money troubles mist your purse or wallet. Gamblers may spray on the hands and body.



Carry a small bottle with you during the day. If someone upsets you, spray it away.



Lightly mist your pillow and sheets before you go to sleep and spray your body daily for health of mind and body. Good for patients in the hospital to increase their healing powers.


Jinx Removing

Perform the Jinx Removing Spell then wear this daily to remove jinxes imposed by yourself or another.




A favorite of the Eye of the Cat, spray this around your property to assure loving vibrations in your home. Lightly mist your body to attract love.


Money Draw

Spray your bills daily to keep your money flowing and to bring returns 10 fold. Those in sales, spray your body especially those who compete for clients or when selling for commissions.



Keep a bottle close to your bed and spray before going to sleep so that you may bring peace into your nights rest.



Spray your business and cash box to bring success. Spray money boxes and talismans for money and prosperity. Spray the home so that all who reside will be successful and prosper in all areas.



Spray the floors of your automobile, lightly mist your wheels and the steering wheel, mist the seats, and finally mist the bumpers to seal and protect your car. Use Protection Wash if you wash your car by hand. Spray your body to seal and protect yourself from harm. Spray your property, the doors, and the windows to protect your home from harm. This spray may be used on anything you wish to protect.



Spray petitions, and amulets when reversing any situation. Wear reversing spray when going to court and your innocent or before any authority under false accusation.



Spray this on yourself when gambling, closing a business deal, or anytime you need to be successful in an endeavor.

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