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Prices $26.00 and up


These kits contain all the items essential for successfully performing the spell, such as bath salts, candles, oils, incenses, inks, etc.  Step by step instructions and incantations are included in every kit. Candle size and shape will vary from picture shown. 


Come to Me

Brings the object of your desire to you.



Win your court case!


Fast Luck

To bring fast positive luck into any situation.


Golden Unicorn

This spell is used to bring forth your own unique talents and have them seen by those in authority. Excellent for musicians


Jinx Removing

Remove crossed conditions and/or a stubborn hex. This will remove bad luck from your life as well.



Get the job you desire or find the best job for you.


John the Conqueror

Gives victory to any situation and aids in all endeavors.


Love Spell

To attract the perfect mate.



To bring money to you.



Protect your life, your home, your loved ones!



Send back evil spells and vibrations to the sender.



St. Amadour

(New Life) ‘Am-a-door’ - Embrace your strengths and see opportunities and new beginnings.


St. Joseph

Use when you are moving to find the best home for you



Separate a couple or remove someone from your life.



Make all undertakings in your life flourish and thrive.


True to Me

Keeps a wandering mate true.

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