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In many civilizations, particularly that of Ancient Egypt, the practical application of Gems and Stones was a highly developed Science. Jewels were not only used for adornment, but were prized as protective amulets, they were also used as Talismans utilizing their Healing and Energy giving abilities.You do not have to be a believer; you just need an open mind to use the stone. Every object animate or inanimate is surrounded by its own Energy (aura) and this extends about three feet around it, a business person can keep a Stone on her/his desk or cash register, an artist can place one in his/her work area. They may be carried in purses, charm bags and of course, they can be worn as Jewelry.


Attracts strength, gives protection, happiness, aids in job finding and gives one good fortune.


General good fortune, gives protection to women, stimulates pleasure and love.


Protects from over indulgence in food and alcohol, calms tension, cures insomnia and headaches, relieves pain and tension, gives   prophetic dreams.

Apache Tear

Famous witches stone, gives good luck, protects from evil, used in enchantments and fascination magic, and repels evil in all forms.


A true healing stone, used to calm and soothes the nerves, to relieve stress, relax the muscles, helps digestion, flushes extra fluids out of the body, great for weight loss, protection while traveling on water, and a fishing talisman.


Worn or carried to increase perception, to stimulate creativity and enhance intelligence. Used in Money Draw and Gambling Mojos.

Beryl - (Lt. Blue)

Gives courage, relieves stress, and calms the mind. Protects when traveling over water and in astral travels.


Aids in power for all spells, protects against sorcery, gives wisdom and courage, stops bleeding, insures wealth.

Bluestone - (Blue Lace Agate)

Peace, calms tensions, gives health and long life, freedom from fear, protection while traveling over water, will pick up your spirits.

Bone Skull

Carry to protect against Evil vibes, spirits, and spells sent towards you.


Gives health, long life, good for job hunting, increases your ambition, good luck, powers of concentration, increases one’s energy.

Cat’s Eye Shell

Good luck and protection from harm, increases understanding of self, aids in clairvoyance, and gives clear thinking.


Calms emotions, cures neurotics, adds balance to life, gives all the good things of earth, promises luck in love and money.


Protects from harm, attracts money, gives intuition, clarity of thought, aids in mental healing and angelic communication.


Cools tempers, relaxes and calms, protects from illness, gives healing ability.

Diamond - (Herkamir)

Protects from evil forces, clears out unseen dangers, averts diseases, assures the owner of love and comfort.


Gives physical and mental energy, they are called dream crystals because they give prophetic dreams and aid in magical power.


Increases circulation, balances energies, gives strength and power, holds marriages and relationships together, brings new love.

Gold Stone

Strengthens memory, gives money and success, growth of spirit, gives hope, calms troubled minds, also is used to find the truth.

Green Moss Agate

Used for healing purposes. Carry to make new friends and to discover treasure. Brings happiness, riches, and long life.

Green Quartz

Used for prosperity and to increase money. Provides ‘Easy Life’ Stimulates creativity.

Green Stone

Carry to bring love into your life. Strengthens the memory, excellent protection stone.


Best Grounding and centering stone. Stabilizes the focus of attention on the physical plane.


Protects from psychic attacks, gives health and long life, cleans vibrations, gives accurate judgment and protects from nightmares.

Jasper - (Red)

Victory and business success, gives courage and happy vibes, feeds energy centers.

Jasper - (Yellow)

Gives protection while traveling. Also, protects during magical and spiritual work.

Lapis Lazuli

Gives fidelity in love, peace, happiness and beauty. Gives psychic enfoldment, this strongest power booster of all the stones.


Calming stone, removes negative emotions, anti-nightmare, increases psychic awareness, brings peace, luck, and protection.


Protects from evil spells, gives good health and aids in clairvoyance, protects from bad dreams and gives good business judgment.


Increases basic instinct especially when mentally distracted or when a decision needs to be made. Brings Motivation, good for grounding and focus, and increases self-worth helping to recognize and achieve your full potential.


Brings dreams, stabilizes the emotions, protects mothers and their children, gives abundance and psychic awareness.

Mother of Pearl

Protects children from harm, illness and bad dreams, gives sweet disposition and charm, beauty and love.


Protects from discord and bad luck, use against enemies, banishes grief and brings good fortune.


Carry to banish woes and worries, also brings self-control to emotions, encourages happiness and good fortune.


Grants beauty, psychic power and protects from curses, gives health, aids in astral travel and meditation.


Gives beauty, grace and relaxes the mind, brings love and deep long-lasting relationships, gives happiness in daily lives.


Calms and purifies, gives clairvoyance and health, lightens burdens, removes jealousy and protects against evil and dark vibrations.

Petrified Snail Shell

Gives stability in business and money situations, brings patience, long life and aids in meditations.

Petrified Wood

Brings stability and financial success, protects against injury and illness, gives security in relationships.


Can be carried or put on the altar to attract all the successes of life, a constant flow of health, wealth and happiness.

Quartz Crystal

Gives protection and blessings, screens out bad vibes and centers energies, cleans auras, heals and aids in meditation.

Red Stone Ruby

The greatest spiritual protector against bad health, loss of wealth and brings peace and contentment.

Rhodochrosite - (The Rescuer)

Heals emotional trauma and physical wounds, wards off mental breakdown.


Carry to cast off confusion doubt and incoherency. Also calms over physical body.

River Rock

Carry during times of unsettled emotions and hurt feelings. Throw back into a river once resolved. Also give as offering to Faeries for blessings and wishes.

Rose Quartz

Brings love, joy, charm, gifts, happiness, health, fidelity, makes strong friendships and brings true love.

Rutilated Quartz

Balances energies, reverses and deflects bad vibes, cleanses aura and gives protection.


For spiritual development, spiritual enlightenment and divine wisdom.


Carry to release one from troubles, and then when troubles are gone, throw the stone into the sea. Also, carry to end bothersome relationships.


Brings resurrection and new hope. Protects love relationships from break-ups and regenerates wealth.


Aids in healing and is excellent for meditation, Kundalini energies, balancing emotions, and brings peace. Carried to bring abundance and prosperity and manifest deepest wishes of the heart.

Smokey Quartz

Gives purity, patience, perseverance, protects from unseen dangers gives eternal love and innocence.


Dispels guilt and fear, brings inner peace, divine inspiration, strengthens the mind’s power over the body, helps conscience and subconscious to work together and stimulates the connection between your feelings and mind.


Stimulates the thymus and the pineal glands, both hemispheres of the brain, heals epilepsy, opens crown chakra, gives visions, aids in astral travel and travel through planes.

Sun Stone

Bring extra physical energy to body. Increase sexual energy. Brings one success and luck in life.

Tiger’s Eye - (Blue, Red, or Yellow)

Protects from evil, gives business luck, increases understanding and brings good luck.


Calms emotions, gives physical energy, heals anger, gives clairvoyance, protects from accidents, strengthens eyes and heals.


Has an electric and magnetic quality, gives tranquil sleep, attracts success, love, and new friends, and gives peace of mind and joy.


Brings health, optimism, happiness, has a calming effect, brings good fortune, friendships and stimulates affection.


Brings balance to emotions, partnerships of all kinds, good for business success especially in the field of beauty. Excellent for healers and councilors, and also for removing addictions, binging and overindulgent behavior

Zebra Agate

Guards against physical and emotional attack against what you are… You are a zebra, not male not female but strong in your convictions.

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