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Broadcast on May 6
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Broadcast on May 13
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Live  on May 20
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Live  on May 27
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Sa. May 6 Pantheon's - How to Connect with a Deity
Fr. May 12 Electric Candle Magic

Sa. May13 Pantheon's - Greek/Roman
Tu. May 16 Energy Workshop
(Magickal Herbalism rescheduled 6/2)
Sa. May 20 Pantheon's - Norse/Celtic
Tu. May 23 Psychic Development

      (6 weeks each Tuesday)
We. May 24 Beginning Wicca

      (13 weeks each Wednesday)
Sa. May 27 Pantheon's - The Dark Goddesses
Fr. June 2 Magickal Herbalism - Oils/Money

Sa. June 3 Pantheons - Trickster Gods

Sa. June 10 Pantheons - Pacific Islands

For details click on the event on the Calendar

~workshops~ ~classes~ ~lectures~

Eye of the Cat has been teaching in-person classes for over 40 years. We are now offering some of the courses, lectures, and workshops online with Crowdcast. Some classes you will have the option to attend the live event and ask the teachers questions. All online courses are available to stream for at least 6 months after they broadcast. Review our calendar below for class schedules. Click Here to see what is streaming.

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