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1:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Sunday, Monday, & Thursday

Merry Meet!!

It has been our goal since 1974 to provide a place that is more than just an occult store, but a type of safe haven. Energetically a place where you could walk through our doors and take a deep breath knowing that the fear and the pain of life could be left outside while rejuvenation and hope were abound.

Blessed Be


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The Samhain Box

6 Samhain Activities with spiritual products pertaining to Samhain, and a mini zine to tie it all together.

Banish That Shit

Grief from death

Handmade paper

Spell-working to Let Go

A spell to ritualistically dump the shit you need to let go! With paper that was charged and made with added power of the storm waters collected during the Hurricane and Earthquake in Southern California (the Hurriquake), you are sure to banish away the unwanted! There is a pencil and a candle to aid in your intentions.

Grief, a terrible but necessary process after loss. Let the spirits assist you to let go, move forward, release that which does not serve you and gently process in your own time. Included are herbs, candle, ancestor oil, and inscribing pigment to use as directed or as you wish!

Divination Tea

A special hand crafted blend

Honoring the Ancestral Line

A Candle Working

In today's world, chances are you are interacting with people from the positively kind to to the criminally insane.  Take advantage of this unique blend of tea and broaden your capability to expand your reach into the spiritual realm and get the answers you need. 

Samhain Ritual

A ritual to observe the New Year

What would a Samhain Box be if we didn't include a Ritual? The ritual outline is a simple out line leaving space for a more advanced person to set circle as they are accustomed and includes a selenite wand, palo santo, hurriquake water and instructions. 

A simple spell that will connect you to those who have come before you. Inscribe the sigil given, add your Exclusive Samhain Candle Schmear to the inscription, and anoint with the oil provided to bring your Ancestral Line into alignment with your own power.


A Protection Poppit

A friend to keep you safe. Protection on all levels; spiritual, physical, and psychological, this lil guy is a powerful charm! 

Limited Supply!!! $65.00 each
Get yours at the Eye of the Cat or Black Lake Witch Events
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