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When you are at fault, when you need help in overcoming a situation. Use Special Favors oil & Special Favors incense.



Protect my home and/or my love from all interference. Use Sekhmet oil & Sekhmet incense.



When creditors are a bother, when wishing to attract wages to re-assess how to financially proceed without interference. Use King Midas oil & Shi Shi incense.


When bad thing happen to good people. When you are not at fault, court, 

custody, licensing, IRS, etc. Use Mystae oil and Tetragrammaton incense.



For troubles such as magnitude, you need to dispose of quickly, so your thoughts are clear. To divine a solution burn in waning moon for protection against interference. Use Uranus oil & Uranus incense.



Any time you have truly lost direction, when all you have worked for has gone astray because of loss of faith in yourself and your higher power re-establishes your faith. Use Mari oil & Mari incense.



For court cases when you are guilty, no evidence against you will be found, charges will be dropped. A sacrifice  goes with this; make your sacrifice beforehand, whether it is your time, physical or monetary to those who need help. Use Neptune oil & Neptune incense.



Communication with someone whose friendly to you but you would like more, a stronger bond of interaction. Use Netsach oil & Netsach incense.



To attract to you the most important mate that you can have this lifetime. It is essential that you specify all situations that will be compatible with your needs. Use Perfect Mate oil & Perfect Mate Incense.



When asking for job promotion or raise, also used to increase your Money. Note: Must have some money first to do this. Use Jupiter oil & Jupiter incense.



For perfect job, attract it, get the money you want and now keep it. Use Job oil & Job incense.



When your love life has reached an impasse. To re-establish the romance and communication between both of you and the passion that may have been forgotten. Use Fire of Love oil and Siren’s Song incense.



Re-establish by attracting them back with thoughts of lust and sexual desire. Also brings someone to you with the intent of deeper passion and a sexual relationship.



Burn when it is necessary to have peace, Love and Harmony in the home, especially when adult children are involved. Use Demeter oil & Tellurian incense.



Mandatory when breaking through those difficult situations. Especially those that involve special favor with authorities, maybe government agencies or legal problems. Use Pluto oil & Pluto incense.


Special Favors Candles

Special Favors Candles also known as Triple Action $12.00

Aproximately 12” high, Tri-Color Candles also known as triple action candles. Tri-color candles release the highest spiritual vibrations from the gods and goddess. Use when in dire need of help.

Prices Subject to change without notice

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