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Eye of the Cat's Update Page

What We Know About The Fire

There was a fire which occurred around 9am Monday the 9th of March 2019.

Our cats Belladonna and Merlin succumbed from smoke.

The fire was caused by a lit charcoal under the top shelf of our alter. 

Clean Up

Now due to the weather and the air inside the shop we are slowly beginning our process.

First, we are dealing with insurance, and reviewing what can be salvaged.

Next we will remove what we can and prepare for demolition getting permits and dumpsters, etc.

Then, we will begin clearing out.

Health Risks - Not Just The Virus

We are aware of the worlds health issues but are also concerned with endangering your health from the air quality in the shop after the fire. Even now the smoke particles are dangerous. So if you are someone who has difficulty with asthma, CPOD, or any kind of respiratory issue we will try to find another way for you to help as there is much to do.

How To Stay Informed

We are working on that. Meanwhile watch our Facebook, Instagram, and here on our Website.

Thursday, April 2, 2019

Hello Fellows and Friends,

I would like to extend a warm(astral) hug to each of you during this time of crisis and offer you any little bit of hope I can by saying this too shall pass; we are in it together. I am receiving a lot of emails, text and messages via social media from the general public to find a place to connect. Also, it is crucial for each of us to stay connected, spiritually speaking, and find some normalcy during this pandemic.


I am considering doing a live YouTube broadcast so that those who can attend will be there and those who can't are able to watch and participate on their schedule. However,  to be honest, I haven't a clue.  So please forgive me as I try to navigate through this virtual world. I am hoping to have something by the Seed Moon, Tuesday  April 7th. Fingers Crossed!!! May the Lord and Lady keep you safe and in Their loving sight.

Blessed Be

Thursday, April 16, 2019

Now that spring is in full swing the vibrations of our earth are picking up their thawed out motion and that is no exception for the shop. I have recently had the shop sprayed and can finally go in and breath better. The smell is 85% less and I can begin assessing the physical damage of products and fixtures. There are only a few plugs that work and so the phone is still being forwarded. Please email me if you need a reply. I want to give grateful gratitude to my friends at AMC  for disinfecting the shop and giving me a chance to be able to safely go in and begin my work and thank you for letting me be a part of your growth.  You are also helping to document the shops transformation. (I got to be in one of their videos!) Besides helping me get back to work it helped me feel useful. 

Thursday, May 28th

We got the permits and are finally getting packed and removing debris. Very soon, though I do not have a date, we will be ready to put thing back together. So many of you have reached out to help and we are so grateful. We look forward to setting that date!


Please note however, 2 ounce misters are in very limited quantity. So if you have spare bottles hold onto them for now and request the refill. 

We are shipping now and pick up by appointment only. Please email us your requests and if there is something you need besides the oils or spray include it in the email and we will let you know what we can fill. Orders are taking a bit longer as our time is split between cleanup and clients. We are working on another live broadcast. 

Friday June 19th

Only a few more days left before the rebuild begins. We were told the end of July or Mid August before Mercury went Retrograde. Lets see! We should all light our candles, say our prayers that the crew working on the rebuild is able to receive orders on time and stay focused. "Blessed Be"! Regardless, the excitement is beginning now that we have turned a corner. Looking forward to the next phase. Change is good.

September 1, 2020

Sorry about the Months with no updates. I have been quite busy with filling orders and trying to make stock to fill the store with, that I have completely neglected to update you all. (Heavy sigh) We are waiting on inspection after some miscommunication and hiccups in submitting everything the city needs and on their COVID reduced staffing we are in line to be seen. Once inspection is complete and signed off, we will then get floors, walls and a ceiling. The new lighting and windows are fresh and beautiful! OH!!! and new outlets EVERYWHERE!  I've been given no official date or rough estimate when I can move back it, but I'm lucky. I'm still in business. As I watch so many of my favorite business close for good I thank the Goddess everyday for Her care and blessings. I want to thank all of you as well for your donations, your orders, as wonky as my process is, and your support, Thank You! May the Lord and Lady keep and bless you and yours

Blessed Be!

March 2021

It's been a year. What a year! We are ready to get things moving! Thank you all for you support, we seriously have needed it. We are hoping to have a Beltane Opening. There is still quite a bit to do before we can actually work on getting production on the products or getting the product in, but progress is progress and we couldn't be more thrilled. Can't wait to see you all again! Blessed Be

Other Ways To Help


Meanwhile, where do you go to get your magickal supplies? I will continue working on their details but what I absolutely know is these folks are the best! They have had our back with love, support and are seriously my spiritual family. I love you!

Frey's Hermetic Supplies 


Limited hours for curb side pickup

Readings and basic phone services


Points of Light

Limited afternoon hours

4358 E Stearns st., Long Beach CA 90815


Practical Magicka


Curb side pickup by appointment only


As each cities restrictions are lifted the info above may change. 

Other affiliated shops we love and support but don't know their status:

The Crooked Path


Phone: 818-736-5919

The Dragon and the Rose

(714) 569-0100

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