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Discarding Wax

Banishing and other spell-work that involves anything you are trying to remove and send far away from you such as a bad habit, unruly neighbor situations, bad energies, etc., place melted wax in a plastic bag and toss in a dumpster far from your home, work, or places you frequent.

Spells that involve any kind of growth such as taking a relationship to the next level, advancing in a job, and all things of the like, place wax in a brown paper bag and burry in soil. It can be in your yard or a potted plant, or you can take it somewhere else. For a job you may want to bury it at your work. If you travel or wish to travel in your job it can be buried near a street, railroad, airport etc. Use logic to decide the best place to bury your wax.

Anytime you are removing curses, hexes, jinxes, and the like, try to bury the wax in a graveyard; if that is impossible burry it at the North/East corner of a crossroad near a stop sign.

Left over wax from candles burned in the home for general purposes such as when you are soaking in a bath burning a blue candle for peace and relaxation, or white and red candles placed on the dinner table to add a harmonious or romantic vibration to the energies of the home, may be tossed in your garbage pail. Magical Ambiance candles may be recycled here at the shop if there is a lot of wax left over.

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