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Eye of the Cat Candles

The Eye of the Cat Product Guide has suggested uses for each of the candles and their colors. Refer to our COLOR CHART page to determine the color that will best fit your situation. 

Prices Subject to change without notice

Jumbo Candles in solid colors $4.00

Stand 8" tall and 1 1/4" wide and come in all colors except gold, royal blue, and lavender. Jumbo candles may be used for any purpose corresponding to the color chosen.

Jumbo Candles in Combination Colors 6.00

Jinx Removing Black and White Jumbo candle stands 8" tall and 1 1/4" wide. Use to remove Jinxes, Curses, Negativity, Ill Intentions, and Hexes.

Reversing Black and Red Jumbo candle stands 8" tall and 1 1/4" wide, Use to return energy to the sender and reverse spells.

Black to Green Jumbo candles reverse money issues such as debt,  and uncross finances when they are tied up.

House Hold Candles $1.25

Stand 6" tall and 3/4" wide.  These candles may be used for any purpose that corresponds to the color chosen. Available in White, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown, and Black


Retrograde Candles $15.00

Prepared 12 oz. glass candle with picture, prayer and suggested offerings on the label. Although these candles are prepared at the Eye of the Cat, we recommend Mercury oil and incense with this candle. Burn to counter balance influences of the retrograde energies. Available in Mercury, Venus and Mars. 


Image Candles Male & Female $8.00

Image candles are figure candles, which represent male and female bodies. Figure candle (male and female images) are powerful psychic link in any spell. Many spells require the use of at least two figure candles. The candles are about 7 inches tall and are available in White, Pink, Red, Green, Brown, and Black.

More coming soon

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